The Lab

The Lab

The Climate Change Innovation Lab Tasmania Limited (The Lab) is a Not-for-Profit Public Company.  It explores real-world challenges that climate change poses to local economies, the environment, communities and governance systems and facilitates the ground-truthing of academic and economic research outcomes. It strives to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing between all levels of government, the private sector, research and educational institutions and the broader community.

The Lab embraces hands on community interaction. Community based projects will be meaningful and empowering thereby leading to better understanding and ownership.


The Lab’s objectives:

  • To be a focal point and advocate for advancing the understanding of climate change issues and the implications for local communities.

  • To be a shopfront providing access to information and resources that increases the community understanding and awareness of climate change risk and opportunities.

  • To be a venue for the facilitation and dissemination of climate change scientific, social and adaptation case study research and data.

  • To showcase informed climate change planning, policy and risk evaluation methodologies and processes.

  • To showcase innovative initiatives using the arts and emerging technologies to communicate and stimulate community involvement in climate change planning.

  • To identify and incorporate issues/ opportunities for improving the resilience of local communities.