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Climate change is a pressing environmental, economic and social problem. Global warming is predicted to have wide-ranging impacts, and it presents enormous challenges for conventional models of law and socio-economic governance due to its pervasive character, long-term effects and the need for dynamic change in many of the fundamental areas of life. This webinars examines the climate change challenges for law on local adaptation responses.

It’s quite difficult to sue government for a failure to make policy but decisions made under a bad policy are certainly open to challenge”

“If a local government is aware of a risk and fails to act on it then that is something that a court will consider this”

“It is certainly getting to a point where it’s really difficult to argue that you (the Council) did not have that risk information … so if you are approving a development now in an area that is quite clearly projected to be subjected to a significant risk in the future then you are putting Council into a precarious position”

Dr. Justine Bell-James (4th May 2019)

About Dr. Justine Bell-James

Dr Justine Bell-James is a Senior Lecturer at the TC Beirne School of Law, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the areas of environmental law and property law. Dr Bell-James obtained a PhD from the Queensland University of Technology in 2010, and was subsequently awarded an ARC funded Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2011. Dr Bell-James undertook her postdoctoral research at the Global Change Institute at The University of Queensland, focussing on legal, policy and insurance responses to coastal hazards and sea-level rise. Dr Bell-James's research focuses on legal mechanisms for protection of the coast, drawing upon environmental, planning, property and tort law. In addition to her work on sea-level rise, Dr Bell-James is also particularly interested in novel legal mechanisms for protection of coastal ecosystems like mangroves and seagrass, protection of the Great Barrier Reef, and biodiversity offsets in the coastal context.

Dr Bell-James currently holds an ARC Discovery Grant (2019-2021) to consider how ecosystem services provided by mangroves can be integrated into law.


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