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Climate change is no different to any other risk management issue in Council. The fundamental approach needs to translate broad information about climate change into “what it means for our local area” context. Presenting a convincing case for undertaking adaptation measures is likely to involve the following steps:

  • Translating statewide, regional information and data into an initial broad ‘on ground’ overview of impacts, geographic area affected, number of residences and people affected, impacts on economic activities.

  • Detailing how climate change will impact Council’s core business

  • Detailing the views of and impact on the community

  • Outlining and proposing specific next steps

“Consider climate risks with probabilities larger than those expected – climate change is a threat multiplier.  These predicted events could happen sooner than expected.

If you have an existing risk management process, use it!  Climate change risk management is an integral part of risk management not separate from other risk management tasks.

An adaptive pathways approach is preferred for local communities. On the ground action requires community support.  It may take decades for action but being warned assists in the recovery if an event was to occur.”

Robyn Birkett (13th June 2019).

About Robyn Birkett

Robyn Birkett is the Principal Engineer - Waterways in Mackay Regional Council’s Strategic Planning program. She commenced at Council in 2004 following 6 years working in engineering consultancy. Robyn has a Bachelor of Engineering from James Cook University and is a Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ).  Robyn loves living in regional Queensland and has a passion for waterways, coasts and sustainable, vibrant communities.  Robyn’s expertise is on flood and stormwater management studies (quality and quantity) and in the last five years, climate adaptation has been an area of particular interest.


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