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Risk Transparency with City of Marion


Risk Transparency with City of Marion

60.00 140.00

Ann Gibbons

Environmental Sustainability Manager, City of Marion

Kate McKenzie

Manager - Governance, City of Marion

Thursday, 26th September 2019

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM


About the topic

Not a day passes by without some dire news or warning of the global hazards of climate change. Increasingly, the private sector is focussed on being transparent on their impact of climate-related risks to their bottom line. Similarly, being transparent about climate-related risks are important for local government but can still prove incredibly challenging for a range of reasons. This webinar will discuss approaches, successes, and challenges for councils being transparent about their climate-related risks including disclosing:

  • The acceptance of climate science and the aims of the Paris Agreement

  • Who in the council is responsible for managing the risk

  • Setting out a clear plan to reduce emissions and adapt to the climate change

  • Engaging the community

About Ann Gibbons

Ann has worked in an environmental role in South Australian local government for more than 20 years including the last 14 years at the City of Marion. During this time she has held a number of roles including coordination of the delivery of the climate change programs in seven metropolitan Adelaide Councils.

In her current role at the City of Marion Ann provides leadership and advice to Council and works collaboratively across the organisation to embed environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation and adaptation into corporate systems and processes. She also collaborates regionally to deliver key strategic environmental initiatives, including delivery of regional priorities identified by Resilient South, a regional climate change adaptation program for southern Adelaide.

She manages a team that is responsible for environmental strategic planning and policy development, environmental education, engagement and capacity building, and coordination of the City of Marion’s environmental risk management system.

About Kate McKenzie

Kate McKenzie has worked within Local Government for nearly 20 years leading various risk and governance teams. She is currently the Manager, Corporate Governance at the City of Marion with responsibility for Elected Members support, systems of governance, risk, WHS and internal audit. Kate and her team have recently implemented CAMMS Ecuria for the management of agenda, reports, minutes and action for Council and Committee meetings.