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Noosa Shire Council

Tony Wellington 3.png
Tony Wellington 3.png

Noosa Shire Council


Tony Wellington

Mayor, Noosa Shire Council

Thursday, 1 August 2019

2:00 PM  2:40 PM


About the topic

Noosa Council has started a multi-year project to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP). The plan will help Noosa Shire adapt to and prepare for the potential effects of climate change over time. It will include a Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan (CHAP). Council has completed the first four CHAP phases, with these being part of Council's eight phase commitment under the Queensland Government's QCoast2100 initiative. Council has now commenced work on QCoast Phases 5 & 6, which seek to determine which key assets are most at risk from coastal hazards in the future. To assist with this, Council recently held community workshops to discuss the consequences to locations and assets expected to be at risk from future coastal hazards, and is now exploring optionsfor how we might respond to these. Recent landmark decisions have seen Council refuse new development applications on already developed coastal blocks which are projected to be at risk from coastal erosion and the impacts of climate change.

This webinar will provide a practitioner’s perspective of:

  • How Noosa Shire Council sees climate change as an issue for the Council and community;

  • Examples of what we are doing to manage and adapt to these challenges;

  • Examples of what we have found to be the most consistently challenging and solutions that we have tested.  

About Tony Wellington

Tony Wellington’s vision is for Noosa Shire to become a symbol of best practice in governance and genuine sustainability. He wants people around Australia, and even around the world, to look towards Noosa Shire as a model example of how to treat the planet whilst enhancing both the local economy and resident wellbeing.

Noosa prides itself on being forward thinking. To that end, it has established a zero emissions target, under the amusing acronym of ZEN (Zero Emissions Noosa). Noosa Council is nearing completion on their Climate Change Adaptation Plan and also a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Plan. It has also pioneered a radical deal between the Queensland Government, HQ Plantations, a local environment group and Council that will see 2,400 hectares of former forestry land rehabilitated to become a massive wildlife corridor gazetted as national park.

Tony’s professional background has been as a film-maker, author, lecturer, artist and photographer. Hardly the usual route to becoming a mayor!

He found himself caught up in politics thanks to the 2008 forced amalgamation of Noosa with neighbouring Maroochy and Caloundra. Being part of the movement to first prevent that amalgamation, and then bring about a de-amalgamation, was a great way to cut his political teeth.

In 2012 he was elected – on a de-amalgamation platform - to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. Half-way through that four year term, the political planets aligned, and Noosa was de-amalgamated. He was then elected to the new Noosa Council under Mayor Noel Playford. At the 2016 local government elections, when Noel stepped down, Tony was elected as Mayor.

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